How To Avoid Scam Jobs in UAE?

Posted on February 10, 2018 10:51 PM

It’s becoming a big problem, nowadays, to identify scam jobs from real ones. So how can you identify if the job you are applying for is a scam or not?

  1. Check the email address of the company that you are applying for. Emails that doesn’t have their own domain name and uses free email domains such as or are usually red flags. If the ad or company doesn’t have a valid email domain name (i.e., then you should check if they have provided a landline number in Dubai/UAE such as 04-1234567 on their email signature or email content.
  2. The company should have a valid and working website.
  3. Ask for the Location Map and the landmark near the company. You can use Google Map with Street View to find the exact location of the company’s office and validate if it exists or not.
  4. Research the company or organization that invited you for the interview. This is very useful as it will not only help you validate the company but will also help you stand out from the other candidates as it will impress the interviewers.
  5. If they ask you for money, then 99% of the time it’s a SCAM.
  6. If the job offer sounds too good be true, then it is usually a SCAM.
  7. If the job posting has only a mobile phone number and no valid email provided (i.e. [email protected]) then most of the time it’s a SCAM.
  8. When you see the below from Dubizzle, it’s usually a scam:


So that’s it for the list of How To Avoid Scam Jobs in UAE?. Hope this will help in your job hunting & help you avoid scam jobs! If you have any other suggestions or recommendations that can help other job seekers please feel free to share with us at OHHMYJOB!!



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