What are the types of leaves in UAE?

Posted on February 4, 2017 12:43 PM

Question: What are the type of leaves which full time employees are entitled to?


  1. Annual Leave
  2. Sick Leave
  3. Maternity Leave (only for Women!! :D)
  4. Mandatory Leaves or in another term, Official Holidays.


Annual leave is one of the basic right/benefit of every full time employees working in UAE.

Question: How many days an employee is entitled to for an annual leave?

Answer: ARTICLE (75) of UAE Labour Law: The employee must be granted an annual leave during each year of service which may not be less than:

(a) Two days per month in respect of any employee with more than six months and less than one year of service.

(b) Thirty days per annum in respect of any employee whose period of service exceeds one year. In the event of termination of an employee’s service he shall be entitled to an annual leave for the fractions of the last year of service.

Question: When can you start your annual leave?

Answer: Although most of the time it is the employee who decides when he/she would like to take his/her annual leave, as per ARTICLE (76) of UAE Labour Law, the employer may fix the date of commencement of annual leave and, if necessary, divide such leave into not more than two periods.

Question: What if I got sick during my annual leave, can it be deducted on the “Sick Leave”?

Answer: If an employee falls sick during an official holiday or during his annual leave it cannot be deducted to his sick leave, it will be considered as part of the annual leave.

Question: Do I get my full month’s salary during my annual leave?

Answer: Yes. Every employee is entitled to receive his basic salary including other allowance/s such as housing allowance, if applicable. And as per the ARTICLE (80) of UAE Labour Law, the employer should pay the employee his full salary before the departure date.


Mandatory leaves/ Official Holidays: Each worker shall be entitled to leave with full pay on the following occasions

  1. New Year’s Day (Hijra): one day.
  2. New Year’s Day (Gregorian): one day.
  3. Lesser Bairam (Eid al-Fitr): two days.
  4. Greater Bairam and Eve (Eid al Adha): three days.
  5. Birthday of Prophet Mohammed: one day.
  6. Al Isra and Al Mi’raj: one day;
  7. National Day: one day.
  8. Commemoration Day (Martyrs Day): one day.


If you have other questions relating to Annual Leave, please let us know and we will try our best to provide you the information you need to know.


Sick Leave & Maternity Leave will be post on a separate blog, so stay tuned J



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